REVIEW: Seth Skorkowsky – “Redemptor”

Seth Skorkowsky – “Redemptor”

Globetrotting monster hunting at its finest — 5 stars

REDEMPTOR by Seth Skorkowsky

What do you get when Seth Skorkowsky’s demon-slaying Valducan Order collides with the secretive holy Paladins of the Catholic Church and the Devil’s own hell spawned black knight?  The best entry yet into the Valducan mythos, that’s what.

Skorkowsky’s REDEMPTOR is a magnificent tale of monster-hunting and international adventure.

For centuries the Valducan Order and their bitter rivals at the Vatican have protected holy weapons forged in union with the spirits of angelic avengers. Bonded to these weapons, the heroic knights wielding them have protected mankind from the ever-present threat of the monstrous demons that plague the world.

Over the ages, holy weapons have been lost, destroyed, found again, and even reforged.

What would happen if devilish deception led to a weapon being forged, not with the union of an angelic avenger, but with the spirit of a malevolent arch-demon?

Enter the unholy sword REDEMPTOR — and the corrupted crusader who forged it — devouring souls and binding angels and demons alike to his service with the cut of a blade.

Freed by chance from his centuries-forgotten prison, the Devil’s Own Paladin rides out once more, driving catastrophe before him in a quest for revenge half a millennia in the making.

The only thing that stands between him and his apocalyptic vision is the Valducan Order and the Holy Paladins of the Vatican, joining forces once more after centuries of bad blood and distrust.

REDEMPTOR rides a wave of mayhem and bloodshed at a machine-gun pace through the arcs of vivid characters and lavishly realized exotic locales — all set against the backdrop of the darkest corner of the Valducan Mythology and the testimony of the madman who created it.

Monsters aren’t born.  They’re forged.  Skorkowsky’s REDEMPTOR is a razor-edged sliver of pure evil, guaranteed to delight.


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