Welcome to Los Angeles – where the secret worlds of the criminal and supernatural collide.
Crime and Black Magic pay. In the City of Angels, no one does it better than the House of the Crow.

ENDSVILLE (Outlaw Arcana #1)

Born into a mercenary coven known as the House of the Crow, Gabriel and Delilah St John have each earned their outlaw ink in different ways. Gabriel is a ruthless street captain, prince of their father’s house, a killer with a haunted conscience, struggling to justify the things he’s done for the love of his family. Delilah is a sorceress by trade, a rock star talent, heir to their mother’s arcane legacy, coming of age into the brutal truth of what it means to be a princess of the Crow.

When gangland king Mr. Dante Washington becomes the victim of a heist perpetrated by a mysterious enemy wielding black magic, he enlists the Crow to help settle the score. What does he want? Answers, retribution, and his 34 Million dollars back. Endsville drives Gabriel, Delilah, and their fellow Crows through a meat grinder of lethal magic, demonic spirits, and gangland warfare, raining blood and fire across Southern California every step of the way.

Murder, mayhem, magic, and betrayal. Anyone who crosses a Crow, beware. They don’t just play for money – they play for keeps.


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