The Art of Communication and the Language of Failure

“Snowflake… Libtard… Trumpette… Trumpster… Trumpster Fire… Liberal Pussies… Redneck Conservatives… Racist… Nazi… Trump Derangement Syndrome… Fly-Over Country… Leaf-Eating Liberal… Braindead Redneck…”

After a rare week mucking around in social media politics, I felt the urge to unpack some of the luggage I acquired from the journey. HOLY HELL, have we really latched on to the art form of using labels to insult, dismiss, degrade, and dehumanize each other. Talking about the issues of our time on social media sounds an awful lot like a grade school playground these days. It left me with an urge to opine for a few minutes about the art of communication and the language of failure.

Not the first video of the New Year I had planned, but it’s the one that happened. Happy 2020, gang! Let’s take a few minutes and reflect on what miserable shits we tend to be to each other (and why we should really do better):

YouTube: “The Art of Communication and the Language of Failure”

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