Five Days of Seth Skorkowsky

DAY 1: Seth Skorkowsky’s “Damoren (Valducan #1)” – Off to a winning start
DAY 2: Seth Skorkowsky’s “Hounacier (Valducan #2)”
DAY 3: Seth Skorkowsky’s “Mountain of Daggers (Tales of The Black Raven Volume 1)”
DAY 4: Seth Skorkowsky Takes Me For Pancakes (and other fun)…
DAY 5: Seth Skorkowsky’s “Sea of Quills (Tales of The Black Raven Volume 2)”


In honor of Seth Skorkowsky’s upcoming release “Sea of Quills: Tales of the Black Raven Book II” on September 28, 2015 I’ll be releasing a series of blog articles over the next five days under the banner of “Five Days of Seth Skorkowsky.”

Leading up to the release of “Sea of Quills” I’ll be posting my reviews and commentary on Skorkowsky’s Valducan Urban Fantasy Series, “Damoren: Valducan #1” and “Hounacier: Valducan #2” as well as my take on the debut of his Sword and Sorcery Black Raven Series “Mountain of Daggers.”

Then we’ll have a little fun on Day 4 when I’ll share some of my insider anecdotes about my friend Seth, as well as give credit where credit is due — my sincere thanks to this fellow writer and partner in shenanigans who has done more to keep me inspired and pounding out words than any other author in my Rolodex.

We’ll wrap it up on Day 5, Release Day for “Sea of Quills: Tales of the Black Raven Book II,” with my review and commentary on Skorkowsky’s latest installment in his sharp, witty, and gritty Sword and Sorcery series.

And because who doesn’t love a good meme — in honor of Day 1 of “Five Days of Seth Skorkowsky”…



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