BvS, Suicide Squad, and DC Super Hero Movies – The Pitchforks Are A Bit Much…

Amidst all the pre-release clamor about how much DC’s “Suicide Squad” is already supposed to suck, we finally got around to watching it’s familial predecessor, “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.” ((And the theatrical release version at that, rather than the Ultimate Edition, which I’m told addresses some of the things fans and critics felt were unforgivable in the theatrical release.))

With the critical and fan mauling BvS received, and the critical and fan mauling Suicide Squad is already receiving days prior to its public release, I couldn’t help but take a moment and assess the tides.

With regard to BvS, I genuinely think it got far more critical hate than it deserved.  Especially for a “super hero movie.”  The entire genre is chronically filled with plot holes and logic faults.  Hell, the entire DC and Marvel universes are pretty much built on plot holes and logic faults.  Rule of Cool is Rule #1 in pretty much all super hero story telling.  So, if we’re really going to dumpster-fire super hero flicks for their plot holes and fridge logic, we might be missing part of the fun of the genre.

I think folks could benefit from taking a deep breath and assessing the measuring stick they’re using against these films, just a little.  Especially those who are touting the plot-superiority of Marvel movies vs. DC movies.  Marvel and DC movies are definitely very different animals.  But let’s not get too high-and-mighty pretending that any of them would survive Plot Worskhop 101.  They wouldn’t.  Any of them.

And that’s OKAY.  They’re super hero movies.  For godsake, folks, let’s have some FUN.

Caveat: As to the question of DC Comics fans who were dissatisfied with the portrayal of Superman and Batman in this film, that’s its own issue entirely.  Supe and Batman purists have every reason to dislike this film.  I was pretty much open to anything, and even I was a little taken aback by how off-formula the heroes of this story had been written.

BvS was not a perfect movie.  Far from it.  But it was worth my time.  It entertained me, my wife, and my sons.  It was worth the $4.99 HD Pay-Per-View Rental.  Having seen the theatrical release, I’d be interested in seeing the Ultimate Edition too.  I can’t hate this film and micro-dissect it for not living up to my childhood expectations about Justice League.  I wasn’t expecting it to.  I was hoping it would make me look forward to some Justice League movies and that I’d have fun watching it with my boys, which it did.

All that being said, yeah, the Honest Trailers take on BvS is pretty spot-on (both pro and con):



Hey, I’m just glad I didn’t have to write or direct this one.  Well, no I’m not.  But you know what I mean.

Oh, and Suicide Squad?  Refer back to all of the above, and ask yourself, is it really to fair to hate that movie already?  I haven’t seen it yet.  It may be the most horrible, non-fun, two hours of super hero cinematic hell of my life.  But… I’ll bet you a steak dinner that it’s not… and all the pitchforks are a bit much.  We shall see.



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