Amidst all the pre-release clamor about how much DC’s “Suicide Squad” is already supposed to suck, we finally got around to watching it’s familial predecessor, “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.” ((And the theatrical release version at that, rather than the Ultimate Edition, which I’m told addresses some of the things fans and critics felt were unforgivable in the theatrical release.))

With the critical and fan mauling BvS received, and the critical and fan mauling Suicide Squad is already receiving days prior to its public release, I couldn’t help but take a moment and assess the tides. More »

DAY 1: Seth Skorkowsky’s “Damoren (Valducan #1)” – Off to a winning start
DAY 2: Seth Skorkowsky’s “Hounacier (Valducan #2)”
DAY 3: Seth Skorkowsky’s “Mountain of Daggers (Tales of The Black Raven Volume 1)”
DAY 4: Seth Skorkowsky Takes Me For Pancakes (and other fun)…
DAY 5: Seth Skorkowsky’s “Sea of Quills (Tales of The Black Raven Volume 2)”


In honor of Seth Skorkowsky’s upcoming release “Sea of Quills: Tales of the Black Raven Book II” on September 28, 2015 I’ll be releasing a series of blog articles over the next five days under the banner of “Five Days of Seth Skorkowsky.” More »