03. August 2016 · 2 comments · Categories: Reviews

Let me preface this by saying, as a general rule, I don’t “do” contemporary vampire novels. To be honest, pop-culture has all-but ripped the fangs out of vampires. Few and far between are tales of these monstrous masters of the undead that are actually visceral and scary.  I want my vampires to be frightening. I don’t want to fall in love with them. I want to be afraid of them, in those little cowering monkey-places that keep me scared of the dark.  I picked this book up on a recommendation and I’m glad I did.  Simply put, it is my favorite book of 2016 so far, and in the vein of “scary vampires” it’s a triumph that does not disappoint.  Now, the rest of the story… More »

Amidst all the pre-release clamor about how much DC’s “Suicide Squad” is already supposed to suck, we finally got around to watching it’s familial predecessor, “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.” ((And the theatrical release version at that, rather than the Ultimate Edition, which I’m told addresses some of the things fans and critics felt were unforgivable in the theatrical release.))

With the critical and fan mauling BvS received, and the critical and fan mauling Suicide Squad is already receiving days prior to its public release, I couldn’t help but take a moment and assess the tides. More »