DAY 5: Seth Skorkowsky’s “Sea of Quills (Tales of the Black Raven Book II)” – Swashbuckling, Roguish Fun, and the breaking of an Author’s Curse

It’s hard to know what to say about “Sea of Quills (Black Raven #2)” that I haven’t already said about “Mountain of Daggers (Black Raven #1) (Click here for my original review of the Black Raven’s debut).”  Skorkowsky’s vision for the “Tales of the Black Raven” steers a true course from the first page to the last in his second Black Raven offering. More »

So, we’ve spent the last few days talking about the book titles currently available from the illustrious Mr. Seth Skorkowsky — my long time friend and partner in all manner of ridiculous shenanigans.

Well, until tomorrow (with the release of “Sea of Quills: Tales of the Black Raven Book II“), we’ve run out of Seth Skorkowsky books to talk about.

So, to pass the time until “Sea of Quills” is released into the wild tomorrow, let’s discuss pancakes, lunar eclipses, gunfire, and of course, writing.

What do all of these things have in common?  You guessed it — Seth Skorkowsky. More »

So, I’m putting this here as a reminder.  Like a piece of string around my finger.  Inevitably, when you post a quote or meme that discusses the often-difficult emotional roller coaster of writing, some self-titled authority on the craft comes along and tells you you’ve got it all wrong.  THEY don’t go through pitfalls, painful doubt, and angst as part of THEIR process.  And therefore, those of us who DO are somehow deficient.  Well — piss off. More »

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DAY 5: Seth Skorkowsky’s “Sea of Quills (Tales of The Black Raven Volume 2)”


In honor of Seth Skorkowsky’s upcoming release “Sea of Quills: Tales of the Black Raven Book II” on September 28, 2015 I’ll be releasing a series of blog articles over the next five days under the banner of “Five Days of Seth Skorkowsky.” More »

So, while “networking on social media” (translation: while wasting time on Facebook, drinking coffee in my underwear) I came across an extremely cool announcement from the Grim Tidings Podcast called “Seven Days of Salvatore.”  It was a tribute to the prolific and beloved works of R.A. Salvatore (namely, everyone’s favorite Dark Elf, Drizzt Do’Urden) and the upcoming GTP interview with the man himself on 9/12/2015.

It made me smile.  A lot.  Memories of my shelf-full of Salvatore books and the bazillion little dreams of heroic fantasy they’ve spawned has that effect on me.

I first encountered Mr. Salvatore’s work at an impressionable age.  I was about 13 when I spotted a copy of “The Crystal Shard” (Salvatore’s debut novel and the world’s introduction to Drizzt) on the bookstore shelf in the Summer of 1989.  More on that in just a bit.   I had five bucks in my pocket and a hole in my dice bag, which I’d come to remedy.  My mom was in a hurry to get going, so I didn’t have much time to ponder it.  For some reason, I decided to buy that book instead.  That was a moment, that quite literally, changed my life. More »