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There have been an awful lot of cool things going on around the first of the year for me and my debut novel ENDSVILLE. Some of the highlights are:

ENDSVILLE was nominated for a Reddit Stabby for Best Debut 2018, which was a tremendous honor and humbling company to find myself in… and I may / may not have squeeed at maximum volume when I found out — Endsville Stabby Nomination, Best Debut 2018

While we’re on the subject of Reddit, I did my first Reddit AMA over at r/Fantasy in January — Reddit Ask Me Anything January 2019

ENDSVILLE made not one but TWO “Best Of 2018” lists over at Fantasy Book Critic which was another huge honor  — you can check out Mihir’s Best of 2018 List here and Lukasz’s Best of 2018 List here.

I did a really fun Interview over at The Qwillery — Qwillery Interview Dec 2018

Speaking of The Qwillery, ENDSVILLE’s cover participated in (and won) the 2018 Debut Author Challenge Cover War for December 2018 — Qwillery DAC December 2018

And I had a couple of guest articles out there over the holidays — one at The Once and Future Podcast – Writing Small: The Devil Is in the Details and another over at “They shot my idiot” – Revealing Humanity in Dark Characters

I think… I’ve been busy. Cheers!

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